Security for High Net Individuals

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Those who are considered high earning individuals are at continual risk from online cybercriminals, who are waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Here at Cyberi, our highly trained engineers are fully capable of protecting your online assets from malicious malware and cyber-attacks.

Whether you have a high profile status in society as a celebrity, or whether you’re a high profile business owner or athlete we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

For those who are executives worried about corporate espionage, you can be reassured that your intellectual property is in the safe hands of our experts, who have vast experience in the prevention of malicious malware. As well as the intellectual property we can safeguard your data to avoid data hacks and breaches, that effects corporate information involving your client base, services, and products. Our technical support team can also deter the chances of sensitive data being stolen through spear phishing.


High net individuals are also at risk at privacy invasion from those who want to exploit the lives of such high profile individuals. This is where hackers use such methods like malware to control webcams inside the individual’s property, exploiting personal photos and information to others on the dark web and so much more.


We have seen far too many cases of cyberstalking in the last decade, where certain individuals will compromise the online profiles of high society members. This type of harassment is vastly increased and can be motivated by a variety of things. Such scenarios we have seen in the past:

  • Professional dispute – in which an employee may fall out with their employer and a cyber campaign is used to infiltrate the employer’s personal online security and privacy.
  • Threats to a celebrity using malware to gain access to their personal emails.
  • Ransomware installed on the computer of a high net individual in which the person affected will need to pay the attacker to restore access.

Here at Cyberi, we go that extra mile to make sure that you as an individual are protected, as well as your assets.

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