Professional Digital Forensics

Our professional digital forensics can provide a thorough investigation and analysis of any hard drive and retention of an infected system. By using EnCase software our engineers can run an analysis to inspect the whole unit, or just the drive depending on what is required, and find out where the issues lie.

The EnCase software enables our engineers to swiftly carry out the inspection on the evidence provided so that they can identify the possible vulnerabilities or current issues so these can be rectified immediately. During the triage and collection stage, all metadata is preserved and all evidence is recorded in an EnCase evidence layout should it be needed for future court investigations.

Should information be found then the EnCase forensic evidence processor, can swiftly categorize all information for further investigation, meaning searches become much more efficient? If a situation arises where more critical evidence is required, the EnCase Forensic is able to retrieve data that other forensic solutions could not. When you think about the number of files that are stored and archived on a single computer, Encase Forensics uses comprehensive search options like GREP, Conditional, Boolean and Word Searches to collect the data in a matter of minutes. It’s one of the fastest solutions on the market to date, hence its popularity.

As soon as the data in question is obtained EnCase will start to analyze where the data was originally found, which user would have created that data, and when the data was last used. If you would like to know more about EnCase Digital Forensics, then get in touch with our professionals today to see how you can best use it to your advantage.