Managed Incident Response and Digital Forensics


In a world of malware, cyber-attacks and computer hackers you need to create the ultimate shield to protect your data privacy. Your organisation needs a first line of defense. Our skilled cybersecurity professionals provide your organisation with the protection you need.

The ongoing war between businesses and cybercriminals reaches new heights weekly, and the media is overflowing with headlines about organisations falling victim to this new era of cyber-attacks. So it is essential that you have the right security in place, as well as a concrete system to keep your software updated to prevent and deter hackers and malware.

However, where do you start and how do you know which software is best for your business?

Here at Cyberi, our expertly trained engineers can be your first line of defense when it comes to cybersecurity. From our elite software and expert consultancy to our professional support and maintenance, we have the solutions to protect your business from future attacks.

Providing Managed Incident Response and Digital Forensics our services become a valuable asset to all organisations.

Digital Forensics Diagram

What You Get With Our Service

The benefits of Managed Incident Response (MIR) and Digital Forensics (DF):

  • First Responders – With the MIR and DF in place our experts will be able to run diagnostics to highlight where your security is most vulnerable, and as soon as they cross anything remotely suspicious, this will be flagged and dealt with immediately.
  • Strategy – for a thorough MIR you need to have a foolproof strategy in place, to which we apply an advanced version of the NIST-SP 800-61 and 800-83 guidelines. This way we can manage cyber-attacks of all levels even those most malicious.
  • Protection against APT – an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has the intention to steal intellectual property, should it gain access to your database.
  • 24/7 Incident Response – Our experts are here to support you and your business twenty-four hours a day. If at any point an issue is detected in your software our engineers can act immediately to block any threat to your business before it escalates.
  • Efficient Restoration – Our team is equipped to handle all scenarios quickly and efficiently without the need of getting your teams involved, meaning you can focus on running the business.
  • EnCase Endpoint Security – we will monitor all endpoints for any suspicious activity that may occur. Our software gives our experts the complete insight of your security endpoints without compromising the security of your business.
  • Remote Forensic Investigations – it doesn’t matter whereabouts your organisation is based geographically, our software is able to capture evidence found at the endpoints, as long as it is evident on the network itself. On such occasions such as HR investigations, then evidence may need to be presented.
  • Responsive Specialist Team Support – You will have peace of mind that should there be any issues, our highly qualified Computer Security Incident Response team will be able to support your organisation in a matter of minutes.


EnCase Endpoint Security Software
The first line of defense
APT activity detection
Historical data and real-time visibility
9×5 business days Security Operations Center (SOC) coverage
24x7x365 SOC coverage
Standard reporting
Custom reporting
On-premise installation
Live Incident Response
Alerting service
Hassle-free remediation
Advanced Features – all of these are available as a single add-on component and can be purchased separately:
10 investigations per year
year Unlimited forensics investigations
Best-evidence in court
Expert-witness in court

** On-site forensics investigations service available as a professional service day or as MSS add-on

Cloud Deployment Option
Cloud-based software deployment – Pricing is available on demand after scoping and solution design