Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

Penetration Testing

Data protection standards are now at an all-time high as we enter a new era of cyber-attacks. With the official launch of GDPR, regulations are now in place to try and deter the chances of important data getting hacked.

Here at Cyberi, we use a variety of GDPR Patterns to automatically identify crucial data that is protected under the GDPR guidelines. Such patterns are stretching much further than the Regular Expressions (RegExes) we have come to know so well.

GDPR patterns incorporate keywords both positive and negative alike, as well as the location of the data and its algorithms. Recognizing GDPR information is the initial phase in getting GDPR compliant. With Cyberi, we will highlight both the country and general patterns.

Country incorporates:

  • National Identification Numbers
  • Vehicle ID data,
  • Phone numbers
  • Banking information

And so much more.

General incorporates:

  • IP addresses
  • Blood Classification
  • Charge card numbers

When distinguished, you can create reports about GDPR relevant information including authorizations, open access, and stale information. These patterns will enable you to meet GDPR regulations through a specific security strategy, which will monitor and regulate GDPR data that could be affected.